Avantages de Pedi dans une boîte
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Avantages de Pedi dans une boîte

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Pedi in a box is a project that not only relaxes but also maintains health. It can make people feel relaxed and happy physically and mentally, and it is very good for the body. Therefore, Pedi in a box is favored by the public and has almost become a health preservation project for the whole people. Various healthcare centers and beauty salons in the market have launched special Pedi box projects, and various household pedicure spa set machines and foot baths have sprung up like mushrooms after rain. How to make the Pedi in a box project more convenient, safe, and efficient. Pedi in a box makes health preservation extraordinary.

Here is the content list:

  • Define Pedi in a box new health regimen

  • Penetrates the entire foot

Define Pedi in a box new health regimen

It is reported that the role of Pedi in a box is far more than that. Compared with other healthcare programs, its good recipe gene has created a unique core advantage. Based on the upgrading model of Pedi in a box health preservation field, define the new health preservation of Pedi in a box. It has the characteristics of warming meridians, promoting blood circulation, relieving muscle and joint pain, etc., inheriting ancient Chinese medicine prescriptions, combined with modern high-tech technology to secrete 8 Chinese herbal medicines such as frankincense, mint, myrrh, and Sichuan Achyranthes bidentate. The product has strong penetration and curative effect fast. It is suitable for symptoms such as lumbar muscle strain, bruises and fractures, bone spurs, tendonitis, fasciitis, sciatica, rheumatic bone pain, lumbar disc herniation, and lumbar bone hyperplasia.

Penetrates the entire foot

Pedi in a box can permeate the human foot in all directions, directly penetrate the subcutaneous tissue, activate cell molecules, and stimulate cell movement in the human body. The unique foot massage device stimulates the meridians and acupoints on the soles of the feet, promoting. The circulation of qi and blood promotes blood from the extremities to return to the heart, reduces the burden on the heart, promotes metabolism, improves microcirculation, promotes blood circulation and removes blood stasis, reduces inflammation and relieves pain, repairs tissues and organs, dispels wind, dampness, and cold pathogens, promotes functional regeneration, and achieves a comprehensive balance of human body functions. As the proverb goes, "Cold starts from the feet, heat dissipates from the head", and "Blocked meridians cause all kinds of diseases". It is hoped that Pedi in a box will not only bring healthy bodies to old users but also warm meridians and collaterals, dispel cold and dampness, relieve muscle and joint pain, etc., improve the quality of life and enjoy a comfortable life easily.

Our official website is www.customizeyoursalon.com. If you are engaged in work related to Pedi in a box or want to know more about our company, you can communicate with us on the website. Our cost-effective products are well received by everyone. Our company adheres to the service tenet of "customer first", implements honesty-based and customer-oriented services, takes "excellent quality, multi-directional technical support, and accurate delivery time" as its business philosophy, and to mutual benefit and common development as the goal. We wholeheartedly provide our friends with high-quality products and services.


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